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Culture in Lindenberg

Culture and tradition also have a strong impact on Lindenberg life. Major town festivals such as the Hat Day, the Cheese & Gourmet Festival or the Town and Children’s Festival, regular theatrical performances, classical concerts, contemporary music as well as exhibitions and small-scale performances offer guests and locals varied cultural events throughout the year.

Written information about these local events and many regional events are available at the Tourist Information, located in the German Hat Museum at Museumsplatz 1. Contact us – we shall be pleased to inform you in English, French, Spanish or Italian.

To give you a general idea, the periodical events in Lindenberg are listed here in alphabetical order. We shall be pleased to furnish details on request.


•The Westallgäu Arts Exhibition takes place in the Löwensaal meeting hall once year – from late October until mid-November. On display are works by regional artists. The two-week exhibition is accompanied by a series of high-quality musical side events.

•There are various exhibitions in the Volksbank-Galerie throughout the year.


•Carnival in Lindenberg: There is a local carnival ‚guild’. So carnival events in pubs are very attractive. Also, the Women’s Carnival and Shrove Monday are celebrated on the Stadtplatz.

•‘Funken’ Fire: This is an ancient fire custom which is still common in the Swabian-Alemannic area. So-called ‚Funken’ (piles of wood, straw and other combustible material) are burnt on the first Sunday after Ash Wednesday to drive away the winter. In Lindenberg, people eat deep-fried pastry and drink mulled wine on this occasion.

•Maypole set-up: The maypole is a decorated pole set up on the first of May. The Costume Society is responsible for upholding this tradition in Lindenberg. Traditional music is played and gun salutes are fired while the pole is being erected.

•There are concerts by various regional bands on the Stadtplatz each Friday at 7:30 p.m. (weather permitting). Catering is provided by the Tourist Society.

Teilnehmer am Intenationalen Käse- & Gourmetfest 2009 Cheese & Gourmet Festival


•Hat Day (normally on the Sunday three weeks before Whitsun)

•Town and Children’s Festival (on the Saturday or Sunday of the third weekend in July)

•International Cheese & Gourmet Festival (on the last weekend in August - Friday/Saturday)

Hat Day

Small-scale Art:

•The Lindenberg Cultural Days are held once a year – in September. The venue for music, theatre and satirical revues is the Old Boiler House – an empty hall of a former hat factory.

•The „Kunst im Kleinen“ club organises cultural events in Lindenberg.

Classical Music:

•The high-calibre Westallgäu Chamber Orchestra performs twice a year in Lindenberg.

•World and classical music is offered by a series of events called „Ohrenschmaus“ which take place in the Löwen meeting hall foyer during the summer months.

Young People:

•For young people, there is an open air festival in the town park once a year (in June).

•Also, the live music of the Lindenberg Pub Night attracts the younger generation to join the Lindenberg night life.


There is a large number of performances in the Lindenberg meeting hall, the Löwensaal. Events range from musicals and satirical revues to Christmas concerts. Information is free for the asking.


•A weekly market offering fresh vegetable, fruit and other regional products and specialities is held each Saturday from 7 to 12 a.m.

•A traders and fun market is held twice a year (in May and October).


•The Lindenberg Theatre Week takes place in March. The Landestheater Schwaben presents four stage plays. Clubs/societies and schools provide a varied side programme.

•Two local folk theatre societies complement the Lindenberg theatre scene with their plays for adults and children.


•The Neue Krone cinema shows films regularly. The „Filmriss“ club selects and presents special off-Hollywood films once a month (on the third Thursday each).

Christmas Market:

The Lindenberg Advent market takes place at the first weekend in December, on Saturday. Local clubs/societies and traders are represented. Santa Claus comes and gives treats to the little ones.

Weather in Lindenberg

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